About the Chocolate Lovers' Fling

Chocolate Lovers’ Fling History

1986 – Present

In 1986, the idea of an event involving chocolate to raise funds to Support Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine (SARSSM), then known at the Rape Crisis Center, Inc., was brought from Colorado to Maine. The excitement and planning for such an event began to build quickly and on July 14, 1987 the first annual Chocolate Lovers’ Fling was held at the Inn By the Sea in Cape Elizabeth. One hundred guests attended along with a few tired board members who worked late into the night making chocolate brownies and cookies. The fundraiser brought in over $4,000 and showed promise of becoming the anticipated annual event it is today!

From the very beginning, the Fling served as a vehicle to raise awareness around the issues this agency represents and the services we provide. In 1989, Senator George Mitchell helped us with this goal by attending the Fling and speaking out against sexual assault, publicly supporting our mission and raising awareness. Since then, community leaders and local celebrities anticipate the opportunity to attend and judge the sweet entries and to show their support of SARSSM’s work.

The Chocolate Lovers’ Fling is proud that dozens of the best chocolatiers in York and Cumberland counties have participated. They generously serve up their most delectable chocolate treats to support this important cause. We are grateful to the hundreds of chocolate lovers and SARSSM supporters who attend every year. The event raises over $20,000 annually making it SARSSM’s largest fundraiser and providing much needed funding to support the critical services we provide to thousands throughout southern Maine.

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